Substituting runs for bikes

I’m following a triathlon training program and have developed a niggle whilst in my l long run on Sunday. I’ve been advised to cut out all but one run a week to try and let it recover.

Can I swap the other runs (two of) for bikes on the turbo. If so how best should I select the workout to both match the output expected on the run and also give the best gains?


I’m no coach, but it’s commonly said that you shouldn’t add TSS if you are injured. Even though you’re not pounding on it while riding, you’re still stressing the overall system and which delays recovery or even makes it impossible (depending on stress level). I’m sure some 0.5 IF rides would be fine though.

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I always mix running and riding and i’ll oscillate between the 2 depending on whims/niggles/weather/anything else.

There’s no hard and fast rules. It depends on the nature of the injury/niggle and how hard you’d plan to ride.

Generally though don’t overthink it. If it hurts stop doing it.

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I’d just keep it simple. Match an endurance run with an endurance ride. Match a tempo run, with a tempo ride. Match an interval run with an anaerobic interval ride. None of it is going to be apples to apples. Or even apples to mangos. But it will be similar enough, for a short break from running.

can you aqua jog as an alternative?