Rest week from cycling, also rest from running?

Apologies if a similar topic has been posted before -I always do a search, but never seem to find the relevant threads.

I’m currently trying to incorporate running into my cycling training and building to a H/M in 6 weeks. Next week is due to be my rest/recovery week for SSB2. My question is, should I try and reduce the running TSS too?

Would I still get the proper adaptations if I was rested from cycling, but not from running? Or should I rest from both to get the best benefits?

Its probably best to line up your rest and recovery weeks for both sports, similar to how the TR tri plans do it. Running is just plain hard on your body and you’re certainly not letting your body recover if your running while trying to recover. You should be having recovery weeks for your run too so there isn’t any reason why not to line them up.


Yes, listen to Matt. You can take some inspiration from the triathlon plans as to what a reco week should look like. The half distance plans are building for a half marathon as part of a triathlon event and should provide some idea of volume, intensity and frequency of your runs.

Stress is stress. If you want proper recovery, you’ll need to reduce total stress… running, cycling, upside-down kayaking… the body needs downtime to recuperate. Back off of both sports and reap the benefits!