Tri Plan: Subbing Cycling for Running?

As a cyclist-only, I’m thinking about using the Sprint Distance Tri plan to train for shorter distance TTs.

My question is if I can substitute the VO2max run workouts with VO2max cycling workouts?
(Is running VO2/TSS = cycling VO2/TSS?)


You’d be training the same systems, but using the same muscles obviously. Running is generally harder on the body than cycling, so subbing in a cycling workout could work without overcooking. That said, I’m not sure you really need two VO2 workouts a week for a shorter TT. The TT is still going to be largely aerobic unless it’s like a six minute hill climb. You’d likely be better off training at threshold since that’s more likely where your effort is going to be.

That said, Without having dived into the sprint plans, I’d think you’d be fine if you can do six bike workouts a week. I wouldn’t stack VO2 days on top of each other though. When I’m training shorter tris, I keep VO2 runs and cycles separate by at least two days.

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Thanks for the quick reply, @nash031!

The plan has 1 VO2 workout and 2 Threshold cycling workouts plus 1 VO2 and 1 endurance running workout, so I’m sure I could swap in/out fairly easily. I stack VO2+Threshold days, doing usually 2 VO2s and 3 Thrsh per week. Will see how it goes!