Choosing a workout to replace a run

I am newer to cycling, I have been a swimmer and runner for many years. I began the Half Distance Triathlon Base- low volume plan last week, but unfortunately injured my foot while running in the snow. I am not able to run for 4-6 weeks but have been cleared to continue swimming and cycling. My question is, should I replace the runs that are prescribed in the plan with a ride with similar TSS? My race isn’t until the beginning of July, but I’d like to use this time to capitalize my bike training, since it’s my weakest.

Any thoughts? Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Kind of depends on the week’s layout. You don’t want to do a hard ride followed by another hard ride. Plans are likely laid out in such a way to a avoid that anyway. So, pay attention to the IF and TSS of the rides you’re replacing the runs with.

I would recommend a maximum of three quality, difficult sessions per week on the bike. The LV base plan already gives you at least two per week. In general, you could replace runs with equivalent or longer rides in zone 2.

An option could be to do a threshold type session, maybe an hour, on Saturday followed by your prescribed long ride on Sunday. Replace the weekday runs with zone 2 sessions.

Don’t overdo anything, as you’re in base. Err on the conservative side whatever you choose.

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To get some ideas of what you can do, you can look in the mid or high volume plans.
You could do the high volume plan and skip the runs for example.
In the high volume plan you have 4 bike and 4 swim workouts.
In the mid volume plan you have 4 bike and 3 swim workouts.


Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!