Struggle bussing my way through Sustained Power High Volume

So, looking for some feedback from others that have gone through/going through the Sustained power build

I’m starting the final week before a recovery week.
Did SSB HV 1 & 2, FTP went from 310 to 340 in base.
After first three weeks of SPB, went up 5 Watts to 345.
But every vo2 Max, supra threshold, and threshold workout has been a struggle.
I should’ve listened to the advice in the workout text and podcasts about turning down the intensity in these workouts, sooner.
But I’m stubborn. And turning down intensity feels like giving up. But once I started turning it down 3% it got far more likely I’d complete a workout on target without crashing out of any intervals. And after a couple intervals I’ll try doing 1 at the original power and see if it feels sustainable.

It just felt so reasonable to not turn down the power. Because from my ramp test, my 3 minute power was 440, and five minute power was 420. So doing five minute intervals at 371, and 2-3 minute intervals at 414 seemed so reasonable, and like I shouldn’t have to turn down the intensity.
(Hence the stubbornness and feeling like it was quitting).

Also I suppose since SSB HV is only sweet spot, I should’ve expected to not be as well trained at threshold and vo2 max since I’d never done these before.

Have felt good about my nutrition/hydration. Mostly nutrient high, Whole Foods. I try to eat as many carbs as possible. But my stomach doesn’t like it when I actually ingest 600-800grams. (I’m 180lbs)
Try to always have a small meal about an hour before working out, harder workouts I use 600mg of caffeine. Drink 1 liter per hour with 100g of sugar wth what’s essentially Skratch labs hydration formula.

This is my first season with structured training.
But I race 24 and 12 hour events, and raced Trans AM last summer, hence the HIgh volume plans. And I havnt felt overly fatigued at any point.

Any feedback, thoughts, stories, suggestions. Will be appreciated.

I just went through this plan (I’m in recovery week now). I did it fine for the most part, except during the latter stages the last 2 Thursday workouts became a real struggle. If I were to do it again, I might substitute the 105% intervals for 102% intervals, 105 is a little high for me to sustain repeatedly for 10mins (I could do it, but eventually fall apart with my form). In fact, the mid volume version I believe does 102% intervals for the Thursday workout. On the plus side, I got a lot better with vo2 stuff.

I’ll be going back to SSB2 next week, since I’m setting myself up for CX season, and I’m a lot better at the sweet spot stuff, so I look forward to being back in my happy place!

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