Better at Threshold than High Intensity

So I am on week 2 of SSB high volume 2 plan. Things are going really well, while tough I find that I am getting stronger and my FTP is going up. I believe my next test will set a new PR.

After finishing this I am going to do short power build because I ssssuuucccckkkkk at shorter/high intensity stuff. What I’m worried about when starting this plan is that the percent I’m supposed to hit will feel too hard based on my FTP %.

Like I’m going doing the 70-80 minutes of sweet spot between 92-94% but I know that if I’m supposed to go 5x4 min @ 120% I will not hit that for more then 2. Any ideas or suggestions? Do I lower the amount of intervals or percent of FTP? Anyone else here a diesel monster?


I’m more of a steady state grinder as well, but I think the 120% intervals are an issue for a lot of people since coach Chad quietly updated some of the SSB plans recently to drop some of those workouts in favour of shorter intervals with short recoveries.

They suck because you don’t do them. Work through it so that they can suck at a higher power target.

I’ve got a Diesel engine, and before TR did a lot of vo2max and anaerobic efforts outside. They really helped me increase power and ability on group rides to hold longer 3-5 minute efforts above threshold. Looking forward to the vo2max work in SSB-2 mid volume (starts today), and then planning to do short power build.

So sounds like I just need a big class of htfu. Alright that I can do.

Yup. You may also want to try doing a longer warmup, yesterday on a group ride I did 88% for an hour (a lot of pulling), and a few minutes later went off the front with a couple guys and hammered out 118% for 5 minutes. But then we stopped for coffee - no repeated efforts - so ya, easy for me to say HTFU! LOL.

I love this new extended warmup and cool down feature. I add at least ten min to each. At 32 I’m just not able to just hammer things after 5 minutes of spinning.

just wait 24 years ha ha

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