Strength training benchmarks for triathlete

As TR produces training plans for a triathlon, could it be possible to put up similar guidelines as seen in blog for different type of cyclist?

Personally I find it nice off-season multi sportesque training tryina be handyman in two more sports. My neck is pencilsome and shoulders are…well I find my freestroke bit thin, shall I say. :flushed:

It would give nice wider perspective as they probably do not sit in different side of the fence, but overlapping, no? Are benchmark movements/workouts even the same ones?

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I think you want to be L2 looking toward L3 of the TR benchmarks which is where I am.

But you don’t need to be strong to swim reasonably fast, it’s almost entirely technique down to 1:40/100m.

Lat pull downs/pull-ups/rows are a bit more relevant.

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Did yesterday those benchmark tests and some, after short prep period (needed to take some break after crash and two fractured ribs in local gravel fondo). I’m at the L2 for legs and low back and L1/L2 for upper body, so plenty job to be done… But thx! :sweat_smile:

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