Strength Training & Triathlon Plans

This might be the most unpopular post of all time touching on both triathlon and strength training, but has anyone found any good resources on partnering TrainerRoad’s triathlon plans (specifically the half and full-distance plans) with a legitimate lifting plan? All the content I’ve found on the forums/articles have been about partnering the two with just the cycling plans. I love TR for the cycling training but am having a difficult time with finding a logical way to fit everything together.

Any and all suggestions on what’s worked for others are more than welcome.

Hey @kmhoffman379,

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Here are a few resources that might serve as a good starting point with some info on how to structure your plan.

It could be tricky at times to put it all together, as you mentioned, so I’d encourage you to take it one day at a time and prioritize what’s important to you when you need to.

I’ll let you know if I find anything else that might be useful!

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@kmhoffman379 It’s worth noting that we also have some athletes on the team who have had good success following Dialed Helath’s plans doing 1-2 sessions per week while training for triathlons.

I’d check them out too!

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If you’re having trouble scheduling strength sessions into a crowded week of swim/bike/run/recovery then this might be helpful - some good tips on which days to avoid and what to prioritise

I’m also following a DialedHealth plan and really liking it (despite the shonky Android app) - they don’t mention triathlon training at all on their website, but the programs are full body, and seem to be light enough to be able to train on other days (or even later the same day if it’s not a huge workout) but intense enough to have a good effect. The programs I’ve followed aren’t “traditional” lift-heavy ones like the links from eddie above, but after 3 months I’m feeling (and looking!) stronger.

These are all really helpful resources. It sounds like a full body type of strength training is the way to go. I’ve got a team sports background so I’m much more accustomed to the typical A/B splits type of lifting. I think that might be part of the problem trying to wedge in too “concentrated” of lifting work into an already demanding schedule.

Depends on your goals.

What are you hoping to achieve with the lifting?

Are you trying to enhance your cycling? Are you trying to increase your maximal strength in a strength sport (powerlifting, strongman, olympic weighlifting, etc.)? Are you trying to gain overall hypertrophy? etc.

Lifting is very broad and can be done many different ways to achieve different results.