Strava Summit simplification

I see Strava are simplifying Strava Summit. Whilst it makes total sense to me from a commercial perspective, I think it will now mean I do all my recording and analysis on TR.
Bye, Bye Live Segments - this was the only Summit pack I subscribed to.
HOWEVER, the good thing that Strava has is the ability to look back at past activities further than 6 months on the App. This isn’t possible on the TR App. Can TR sort this?

Considering TR can now talk to our head units it would be pretty rad if we cold mark our own live segments on a map and plan that into an outdoor TR workout.

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The current version of the mobile application is limited to 6 months of historical data in order to improve app performance, however, we are currently in the process of revamping the app using a new code base, and that version of the app will allow you to load and view all of your historical data.

In the meantime, the best way to view data older than 6 months would be to use rather than the application.


Thanks, as ever, Bryce. Useful to know.

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Hi Bryce, One other aspect of Strava that I use in ride analysis is the map function. Whilst this has never needed to be a priority for TR, now that Outdoor W/outs are a thing, I wonder whether the ability to increase the size of the map window could be considered?

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I’ll pass your suggestion onto the team :+1:.

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I second this. Would love the ability to make the map much larger while reviewing stats at various points throughout my outdoor rides.