Outdoor workout data updated to strava and TR is wrong


I am loading my TR workouts on my Wahoo Bolt and do my workouts as “outside” workouts indoor on my rollers. Works fine so far.

Now, today my data uploaded to strava and transferred to TR is considerably different from my data on my Wahoo Bolt, which is the correct one.

I did a 1:45 hour 90tss workout today and Strava shows only 50min with 19tss, which now also TR displays wrongly. That is frustrating,

Any clue?

I wrote to Wahoo. I guess the exported file is somehow corrupt. In the Elemnt app all data is fine, importing these to Strava automatically or manually gives me completely different data. Weird.

No solution but Garmin Training centre only records the workout time. So if there’s a lot of cooldown its not recorded. The headset, Strava and Garmin Connect et al. record the full thing though :neutral_face:

Again I got great support by TR, perfect,

I am quoting the supports reply here for future inquiries:

  • If you ever experience something like this again, we can delete the workout that didn’t sync right, and then upload the original file, on your Past Rides page (“Import Workouts” in the top-right corner).

    • We can delete a workout by going to its ride page, clicking the three dots ( • • • ) and then clicking “Delete.”
  • Additionally, if this does ever happen again, we would recommend that you disconnect from Strava for 48 hours, and then reconnect to Strava - This will completely refresh the token between Strava and TrainerRoad, just in case something is going awry there. While this wouldn’t affect the ride data if it did not get processed quite right through Strava, this might help to alleviate any other oddities.

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