Strava summit worth it if only doing inside rides

Hello, I am just using the free version of Strava currently. With fall setting in where I am, most of my riding for the next several months will be done on my dumb trainer with virtual power (possibly real power if I invest in a proper power meter, thinking the favero pedals may suite my needs best) and I was wondering if there is much added value to upgrading to summit now or waiting until the spring when I go back outside for riding. I recently heard the suggestion of staring segments in strava and with live segments feeding to my wahoo bolt, this could be a fun way to add some strava-vals (strava interval training) to outdoor rides.
Anyway, I am thinking the value of summit may be limited until I go back outside more.
Any feedback on how you are using strava summit would be appreciated. Thanks very much,

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I only do Summit for live segments outside, everything else it offers is crap.


Strava Summit worth it ever? NO.

I would just use TR calendar features, use a free Strava account for segments if you use them, but overall I don’t think Strava is worth paying for. I actually have never gone for a segment best time ever. I train based on power and I’m more interested in power targets and PR’s than I am on a strava segment. I would save the money is better spent elsewhere.


I do a lot of long solo cycling so like the beacon functionality

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Thanks @Cleanneon98, so do you subscribe for the months you ride outside and then just cancel subscription when go indoors?

I just have Summit throughout the year, pretty sure its a yearly thing and not a month to month

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My opinion of Strava Summit was fixed when I did a local hill climb. Busted my guts for nearly 3 minutes putting out nearly 6 watts / kilo, which is a lot for me. Nearly collapsed when I crossed the finish line. Got home and the Strava Summit teaser on the activity said:

“This was easier than your usual effort”.


I pay for summit but I don’t really pay the money because of all the analytical tools, I pay it because of the product they have created. Strava is a great tool and way of tracking your rides, appreciate you can do that for free but I’ve always viewed it as a way of helping development.


Your usual effort is also not likely to be 3 minutes so…

I pay for summit but I don’t necessarily know if it’s worth it anymore. The app hasn’t grown in any appreciable form since it’s creation, and I feel like they are really missing out on connecting riders. Finding local group rides in the area or workout partners should be a lot easier. Only reason I use the app is for the social aspect, it’s performance metrics is lacking.


Currently have summit, will not renew next year. I wasn’t doing it for the features, because they all exist in other software that’s currently free to access (e.g.,, GoldenCheetah, Wattsboard).

I was subscribed because I figured I’d support a product I’ve used for several years. The thing is, they’ve not rolled out any notable features in that time and I’ve since realised I can live without using it.

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I like the fitness and freshness chart, even if just riding indoors. Wish TR had one.

Otherwise for me Strava is really just for Live Segments so if doing a long indoors period… not really much incentive there. They’ve tried to do something with this effort metric. Like showing if you if you’re going harder than normal or whatever.

Personally I think that’s some gimmick only good for really new riders. Wish they spent the development time on that on something useful like adding tag or label abilities to rides so you filter and find specific rides. Just loads more customisation options that people have been begging for for years.

Strava is wicked but I’d be happier if it’s continued development fell into more capable hands.


One thing I wish Strava still did was the partnership with Relive. Even if that was a Summit only feature I’d see a benefit, bummed that they canned it all together

What development? They haven’t added a feature in years. And analytics are useless since it doesn’t have historical FTP. Strava is good for the social aspect and as a data aggregator.

I like Strava. It helped me on the track to weight loss. But I won’t be paying for another year of Summit. I bought it because it cost like $50 or something like that for a year when they launched Summit. But their tools are beyond worthless. Beacon is also nice and I use that often. But that’s about it.

If you have a Garmin device, then you have this functionality free of charge already.

Not with SMS-service though.


I meant in terms of it’s original concept, basic data aggregation, the means of creating the segment aspect and the social.

I agree, the development of the rest has been poor, I’m happy to pay for what they gave me above though. I honestly think that they must have been overwhelmed initially and it’s taken them a long time to realise the enormity of what they created. What they should be doing now is getting the right people to steer them to domination of the analytics markets as they’ve got the social bit sewn up.


Strava hasn’t done anything useful in years, it’s a shame. I stopped paying them when they forced the facebook-ish “we’ll show you the rides in your feed we think you want to see” rather than chronological. The only premium feature of Strava that is still unique and pretty cool is the heatmap, especially for those that ride all over the world. Other than that, Strava isn’t worth paying… the irony is, they can’t cut off the free model because your data is worth more to than the money you would pay them.

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Try - way better than Summit and offers actual training benefit. I’ve found it to be great combined with TR’s own features.