Moving all my data from TrainingPeaks to TrainerRoad

Hello! Is there an easy way to export all my ride activities from Training Peaks and import into TR? Looks like TP has a data export feature, but not sure how I’d get it into TR and if it would include details like ride titles. Has anyone tried this before?


Thanks Chad for the quick reply. Have you (or anyone) actually done this with TrainingPeaks? I have years of past data with ride notes and titles in TrainingPeaks. I assume I’ll lose all the notes (or have to move them manually). But do the ride titles come through at least?

I have not. All my imports came from Strava, and it did them automatically after linking.

I am not sure if it is the same exact practice with TP or not? I suspect someone else can confirm that.

@ecniv as far as I know, the TR-TP integration is only one-way: TR workouts are automatically sent to TrainingPeaks:

Importing everything from TP into TR requires another method using Strava or Garmin Connect.

If your workouts are only in TrainingPeaks, there is a bulk export option (Settings > Account > Export Data). I’d recommend filing a support ticket with TrainerRoad and ask for help. Maybe you can export everything and TR can assist with doing a bulk import (it doesn’t appear to be a standard option at the moment).

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Are you a premium TP user? If so you can bulk export, if not you’re hooped.

My TP premium expired over the weekend. With the free version you can export 1 year at a time. So you could do 2015 as one export (1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015), then 2016, as another export, etc., etc.

Yeah, I’m a TP premium user. They only are allowing me to transfer 1 year at a time as well. To be clear, I’m toying with the idea of dropping TP permanently and just using TR - I don’t need a way to sync my workouts to TP going forward. But I’ve currently suspended my TR account so I can’t experiment with this all.

Also curious to hear from people who have switched completely to TR from TP.


After the TR calendar was launched, I cancelled my TP renewal. There are a couple of things from TP that I would like in TR, but they aren’t show stoppers and not worth paying TP $120/year going forward.

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