TrainerRoad vs Strava Summit?

I’ve been a long time podcast listener and the new analysis software has made me wonder about cancelling my Strava summit subscription and flip over to TR before the price hike.

I wouldn’t (today) use any training plans as I’m currently paying for a coach.

I do however swim and run as well as bike, and do use the Strava running pace analysis.

Just wondering two things really:

  1. if anyone else is using TR without training plans for workout analysis and finding it useful?
  2. Has anything official been said about whether swims and run TSS will make it both into the calendar and performance analysis side of things?

Thanks in advance,


You don’t need to pay for Summit. There’s a Chrome plug-in called StravatiX that’s free and gives similar Summit analytics.


Yes, and renamed to Elevate in the recent past.

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I have also been using a mobile version called on iOS. It too syncs with your Strava account.