Starting Olympic triathlon base phase but already running fit from marathon training


I wanted to start the Olympic triathlon base phase plan but dont really want to start from scratch with the running as I have just come off a marathon build.

What is the best thing to do in this situation?

Have you used any of the TR triathlon plans before? And what volume plan are you planning on using?

Yeah I have done the half Ironman mid volume twice before. I was planning on doing the Olympic mid volume

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I’d trust your own instincts when it comes to the running. You’ll have more than enough general fitness, the Olympic distance base runs are just moderate runs with some strides so it might even feel too easy? The Olympic distance build runs look more challenging, depending on how much structure you’ve been doing for the marathon training. Personally, if I’d just come off a good marathon block with plenty of structure I’d be wanting to make the runs in the Olympic distance base plan a bit harder, e.g. strides every day, or 1 x easy run, 1 x structured run, 1 x brick run or something like that so you don’t lose your sharpness, and that should make the transition into the build and speciality phase easier. I absolutely loved 5 x 1k at 5k pace for a good but not too long workout.

For me it would depend on how far away the event is. Having an event a significant time away would make me think twice about carrying too much “structure” into my runs at the moment. I have come into plenty of plans being far more run fit than I needed to be but also knowing that if I was to stick a whole bunch of intervals on I would probably burn out. I just extend out my easy running to a length that is achievable time wise but also makes me feel like I am doing something rather than losing all the fitness I have built up.

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