Starting FTP Ramp Test

i just signed up with Trainerroad , by completing my profile it gave me an FTP of 145 … so when i do a Ramp test , is the start of the Ramp Test Caculated with 145 FTP as a staring point ? how can someone get 200 FTP in 21 mins vs me ? some people do 17 mins and acheive more than 200 FTP in less time … is it that the starting FTP is higher ?

Yeah but don’t worry about it, those first few minutes will just be a little extra easy warmup

ok , thanks for the reply :+1:

If the starting FTP is wildly out though, for example you are closer to 200 than 145, then you will be doing the FTP test for much longer than is generally prescribed/recommended and you may get a less accurate result.

But if you have no previous experience of what your FTP may be, this is really the only way to start.

If you have a rough idea of your FTP, you can put it in your Trainer Road profile and the test will start based on that.