Starting FTP for a new user

What FTP should I manually input if I have no previously recorded FTP? I want to do a ramp test but the power levels is based on an initial FTP. I haven’t completed 10 workouts so AI FTP is not yet available.

I would base it off the workouts you have done so far. What was the average power for your longest workout to date?

If you provide as much info as you can, some guidance can be provided.
Cycling history? Exercise/training history? Height? Weight? Age?

When I first joined, the FTP TR saw for me was very old and very low. As a result, my ramp test started way too low and consequently the test took too long, meaning more fatigue. This left me with a too-low initial TR FTP. Of course it got sorted out through AI FTP in time. But you are right to try and have a decent ball-park FTP to start your ramp test.

Age: 41
Height: 5’8
Weight: 65kg
Biking experience: Haven’t cycled for more than 3yrs and haven’t gone to the gym for the past year. My partner recently got interested so I’m also going back on the saddle. I can’t really do the 20min test because I have no idea how to pace myself which led me to the ramp test. Recent outside rides were more of just getting a feeling for things like balance and road awareness.

I’ll take a WAG and say put down 180 watts for a starting FTP. Depending on how anxious you are to get the ramp test done, you can wait for others to take their WAGs, or perhaps suggest something else.

Another option would be to do a 10 minute effort (which is easier to pace for than a 20) and then take 90% of that to use as your starting FTP for purposes of your first ramp test. But I would put a night’s sleep between a ten-minute max effort and your ramp test.

Just go hard for 30 minutes. If you fail at 28 or 25, that’s fine too. Just go as hard as you think you can for an hour.

Then train with that number.

Let the “AI FTP” and workout levels do the rest.

Ideally you will feel like you could have pushed yourself harder by the end and regret not trying hard enough. That’s good!

It doesn’t really matter except that if you start too low the test could take a long time. I would start somewhere between 150-200W

Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

We’d recommend doing a Ramp Test rather than manually inputting an FTP value if you don’t know what your FTP is. The Ramp Test isn’t really based on any particular power levels – it starts off nice and easy, and gradually increases in power until you can’t hold the effort any longer.

Here’s a how-to article on the Ramp Test that might help you out (plus some FAQs):

Hope this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions on the Ramp Test or getting started with TR.