SSMV1 plan question

I’m a new user to TR and just finished my first week of the sweet spot mid volume 1 plan. I don’t like spending more than 1 hour on the trainer per session, so that was one of the main reasons I decided not to do the high volume SS.

Question: in order to beef up the mid volume plan, I was thinking of substituting the wed easy ride for the harder wed ride in the high volume plan. The wed high volume ride is mostly 60m so should fit in nicely. Has anyone successfully made this modification? Making the switch looks like it should work nicely.

If you are new I recommend just following the plan as prescribed. SSB 1 is easy, but SSB 2 will get harder. Remember, keep your easy days easy and your hard days hard.

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Thanks for the response. I think I may have worded my question poorly - I’m not new to training or riding, but new to TR. Looking at the SSB high volume plan, it seems to be built around 3 sweetspot days in a row - the session aren’t super intense, so I’m assuming that’s why they didn’t build in an easy day on the Wednesday. The mid volume plan does put an easy day on the Wednesday, but I personally feel I don’t need an easy day there much like the way the high volume plan is built. Making this substitution allows me to stick to the mostly 60 minute sessions, but adds a bit more TSS. I suppose the best way is to try to out and see how the sessions feel.

I’d agree. Just listen to your body. Sometimes we’re able to dig pretty deep holes for ourselves.

Hi guys,
another question on SSMV1, can I just split the Wednesday easy ride and add 20-40min of Z2 at the end of the Tuesday and Thursday rides ? Volume and TSS would remain the same :slight_smile: Thanks!

Sweet Spot by its definition is not supposed to be intense. It shouldn’t be easy, but not difficult.

That’s true, and the majority of the SSB MV1 sessions are SS or lower. The default Saturday workout is Over-Unders, which are quite intense.

And I know it’s not the focus here, but the SSM MV2 is far more about Threshold and above, with actuall SS work being the minority. It is a far more demanding phase.

Yes, I understand SS is not supposed to be intense - that was precisely my point and why I’m adding a SS session on Wednesday instead of Z2 ride, just like the SSB HV1 plan does - 3 SS sessions in a row, tues to thurs.