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i’m on my last week in SSBLV1 and would go the next phase of training next week, although it’s low volume in which i completed all workouts plus doing some extra ride outdoors specially on the weekend, for the past three weeks i have been logging a weekly TSS of around 400 above because of the ride outdoors and also some extra indoor rides which makes it more than the planned weekly TSS for SSBLV1. My question now is would it be possible to modify my planned Base Building by continuing from SSBLV1 to SSBMV2 instead of SSBLV2? or should i stick with the low volume plan until it is done? would greatly appreciate your inputs.

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If you plan on continuing your outside rides then I’d stick with LV…if not and just mainly doing indoors for next block then see no issue with moving to MV.

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I’m thinking of doing the same as it’s winter in Australia so may as well lock myself away. The Wednesday ride in SSBMV2 is a 1 hour endurance effort without any specific intervals. You will also get an additional Sunday set of efforts which are typically 2 hrs in duration. You will need to factor in if you are willing to sit on the trainer for an extra 2 hours each Sunday. If you are confident you can do that then go for it. Doing the SSBMV2 will take away your outdoor rides I believe.

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Yes you can move to MV, just pay particular attention to how you’re handling the additional TSS. SSB2 is more difficult than SSB1 and closer to a “pre-Build” than a Base program, so keep that in mind and how you’re recovering. General recommendation is to use a LV plan and add outside rides, but I prefer a MV plan and to substitute outdoor rides for trainer workouts. I don’t recommend adding outside rides on top of the MV plan.


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