Ssb low vol 1 to ssb mid vol 2

has anyone gone from ssb lv 1 straight into ssb mv 2? I’m toying with the idea and wanted to see feedback.


I havent done it, but I’m planning to. I’m midway through SSBLV1 with outdoor rides Wednesday and Sunday(typically easier/long rides). This is already getting weekly TSS close to SSBMV2. By the time I finish SSBLV1 I’m expecting the outdoor weather to be less than ideal and plan to move into SSBMV2 for the added structured workouts. This will also ramp me up a bit better for an event I decided is probably going to be my “A” race for the year, but didnt plan far enough ahead for.

I haven’t done it and I’m not sure many people have, here’s why.
You are going from a plan that averages 200 tss over 3 rides a week, to then start a plan that effectively doubles that to over 400 tss, riding five times a week.
I’m not entirely sure why you want to jump up so quickly to what is a really, really tough plan.
It’s probably better to build yourself up incrementally otherwise you run the risk of cracking.
Why not try the SSB MID 1?

I actually just switched to mv 1. Worst case, if I do an outdoor ride, I’ll swap one of the workouts for it.