SSB MV1+ to HV2?

Hi all,

Currently finished SSB MVI with some modifications (basically doing +2 workouts of each tuesday and thursday workout to ~1h30min version) and now in recovery week. Overall, I finished every workout (replacing some with longer outdoor rides) and averaged a tss of ~500.

As we entered a second lockdown here in Europe, i will have some extra time to train. I am thinking about switching up to the SSB HV2 to further focus on the aerobic base. After the base phase, i will go into Short power build (MV or HV) and afterwards back to SSB2 into Sustained power build and finally speciality. I will problably do the SSB MV2 the next time around to keep the vo2 max/threshold workouts after short power build, which is another reason why I want to try doing SSB HV2 now.

Is it doable to go directly to SSB HV2? (taking into account the 3 hard SS days in the beginning of the week).

Thanks in advance !

It sounds like you’re handling things well. I say go for it!

haha thanks :smiley: trying to make the most out of it ! I am only a bit “afraid” of the longer SS intervals, as they were less of a focus in SSB MV1 compared to SSB HV1. This might make the jump directly to SSB HV2 too much?

The best answer anyone is going to be able to provide you is ‘it depends’. Is a 5 week bump in TSS going to provide that substantial of an improvement in the big picture? Do you have any experience with 700tss weeks in the past? Your nutrition, fueling and rest need to be on point (does lockdown mean you can get in a nap everyday?).

For me, absorbing the training load isn’t the issue, but the ability to find time for 2hr workouts during the week, so I could pivot without issue, but not the case for everyone.

It’s hard to know for certain. I think you’re doing the right thing giving it respect and caution but you’ll never know until you try!

Feeling fearful now will make the victory all the sweeter when you smash high volume too!

I don’t think the TSS will be a problem, I had some big weeks last year during the first lockdown :sweat_smile:. I just think it would be more beneficial to shift focus fully on the aerobic base now (MV is more of a shortcut with higher intensity work), since I will still go through a whole cycle later in the year.

I agree I will need to focus on a good recovery more to get through the next 5 weeks!

Don’t be afraid! Long intervals are good for you. So good for you that if you’re struggling with them, it’s perfectly acceptable to drop the power 2-5% so you can complete them. I’d rather do 20-30 minute intervals at a lower power than 10 minute intervals at full intensity.

And secondly, really focus on nutrition, rest, and recovery - it’s so incredibly important for these longer sweetspot and tempo sessions because they’re absolute calorie burning monsters. If you know that you’re getting the right carbs per hour and that you’re replacing the calories burned, it really gives you confidence to know you can make it to the end.

Really great guide from Amber in the podcast here (skip to 20:23 if it doesn’t automatically):


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Thanks for the insight! Guess I will rest up this week and go all in starting next monday :slight_smile:

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Hi all, some feedback from the past few weeks.

Currently started week 4 of the plan, overall I would say it is going very well.
Didn’t had to skip any workout yet (I did shorten some of the aerobic rides on friday, but more due to time constraint rather then fatigue). I even managed to replace one of my sunday rides with an outside one to break to the pace of all Sweetspot sessions.

Yesterday, I had my first ‘bad’ workout (Tallac +4) to start week 4. Legs felt heavy, heart rate much higher then normal, hopefully it was just a bad day, otherwise it will be a long 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Would you guys say that taking a nap during the noon is beneficial and how to approach this the best way possible? I feel like my nutrition is on point and I’m getting as much sleep as possible (7.5-8h)


A short nap at noon is hugely beneficial if you’re in the lucky position of being able to do this! Need to keep it short enough to avoid going into deep sleep, think the advice is generally that 20-40 minutes is optimal. Though that may have changed, sadly it’s been quite a few years since napping was an option for me…

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Besides the obvious possibility of ramp rate / cumulative fatigue, eat, eat and eat as much as you can on & off the bike (super high quality food- roasted vegetables, bean & veggie stews, grains (oatmeal, grits, brown rice), etc,

im pretty sure my trainer was calibrated poorly after i moved it this weekend. just did tallac +2 and heart rate was about 10 bpm lower and legs felt very good!

haha, its crazy how much i am eating ! always hungry :wink:

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