Ramp test after SSB1 big drop

So I’m just entering the first week of SSB2 mid volume, and my ramp test suggests a drop in 25 watts (296 -> 271) . During the test right up to threshold my HR was roughly where I’d expect and the legs felt ok, but once it got past 300 watts my decline was inevitable.

I don’t remember 6 weeks ago having the same feeling (and got about 2 minutes further into the test) so I’m wondering if it’s the lack of high power work (105% as high as SSB1 gets and always found those workouts the hardest anyway) means the ramp test doesn’t work well for me, or if I just lost fitness during the recovery week?

I find the same difficulty in the ramp test if i have not done VO2 max workouts need at least 1-2 min at 120% for 3-4 weeks.
The other thing with the ramp test is you do need to be mentally prepared to go to 136% of your current FTP. The thing is if you are managing the workouts at 296 watts. Then Just leave it at 296 and carry on with the Plan. One FTP test does not actually mean a loss of fitness.

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That’s my thinking to stick with the 296 and see how the rest of the week goes

Could still be fatigued or just an off day (sleep, nutrition, stress, temp). I had a ramp test this year that just felt horrible from the start and I pulled the plug around 17:30. A couple days later I retested and added several watts to ftp. The only way you’re losing 30W in a few weeks of training is if you’re sick, so I second the motion keep it unchanged for now.

What was your workout schedule like leading up to SSB1?
I just finished a SSB1 - SSB2 - Build x2 schedule and restarted SSB1 again. I am noticing how much less training stress there is, compared to build where I came from. My guess is that my FTP will tick down too, and that is due to going from a higher training load to a reduced training load.

On a positive note, this time around my FTP is higher coming in to SSB1. So maybe overall when done with build again, I will get a better FTP

I did SSB1 twice because first time round I failed a lot of weekend rides (worked out I can’t just get up 30 mins earlier to workout 30 mins longer before work my body doesn’t work that way), but before that I’d done a lot of zwift racing so maybe had something lingering in my legs from all the 90 second 400 watt starts