Planning for Holidays

My wife and I both use TrainerRoad and our SSB1 will be finishing the week before Christmas. The week of Christmas will likely be hectic so we’re trying to decide how to schedule our workouts. Should we repeat the last week of SSB1 for an additional recovery week or repeat another week from the schedule so our recovery week falls the week of Christmas? We prefer to start SSB2 on Jan 1. Any other strategy tips are appreciated.

It depends on your goals. If you want to taper more into the SSB2, then take a second easier week. If you are looking to build more fitness and stay sharp, then repeating an earlier week before your taper week is better. I’ve heard Chad on the podcast recommend to repeat a certain week number to extend the plan, but for the life of me cant remember which one.

If you’re going to be busy why not take a week from one of the time-crunched specialty plans

If you finish the week before Christmas I’d propose going a step further and repeating week 5 the week before the holidays and then doing your recovery week over the holiday break. Could cut off your second iteration of week 5 on Saturday or Sunday (as your plans and fatigue require) to extend the recovery week a bit


This is EXACTLY what I have done with my plan :sunglasses:

I would enjoy Christmas and not stress out at all. Reset and start again refreshed in January - holidays are there for a reason!

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I’m in the same boat finishing Traditional Base the week before Christmas.

I’m planning a week of whatever I fancy and can fit in over Christmas week. Possibly doing a couple of my old Sufferfest videos, maybe a couple of other TR sessions that are a bit different from what I’ve been doing and that I’m going to be doing in Sweet Spot Base in the first week of the New Year.