SSB LV or MV - Low Volume plan starts too gradually for my current fitness?

TLDR: I’m about to start my base plans and I’m amped up. With my current fitness level, the gradual start to SSB LV doesn’t look as exciting as MV, but I am cognizant of my ability to recover and fit the plan into my lifestyle.

I started TR at the start of February as a completely untrained cyclist. I completed SSB LV1 and 2, then progressed to short power build and XCO specialty plan as prescribed by plan builder. All throughout this I trained Tues, Wed, Fri, with core and body weight workouts on Mon/Thurs and added a weekend MTB ride of 1.5-3 hours. I “peaked” for a fake race in late August. I tried to stretch this peak out for a few weeks, with the hope of grabbing some Strava PRs, but started to feel that I was butting up against a wall with some of the specialty plan workouts. I took about 7-10 days off the bike and currently feel very motivated and like I haven’t lost that much fitness. I’m eager to start base again and work on muscular endurance. In some ways, I felt my best coming off those base gains earlier this year.

Now, planning ahead to next year, my goal is fit two base periods in, as I saw the best gains during base earlier. The plan should go: SSB 1&2, General Build, SSB1&2, General Build, XCO specialty.

The issue I’m currently dealing with is the very gradual increase in difficulty that the SSB LV has, vs the more aggressive start that MV has. I truthfully don’t think I want to fit the full 4-5 workouts of MV into my schedule, but I do want the increased intensity and longer durations at SS and above. I’m considering modifying the MV plan and only completing the high-intensity rides under my normal Tue, Wed, Fri schedule, then when the weather changes and I can’t fit outside rides in anymore adding in the Sunday ride. Has anyone done anything similar? Am I better off just completing the LV plan as prescribed?

I know LV is generally recommended, but I’m trying to straddle the jump from LV to MV. I had no issues completing my workouts under LV until I tried stretching my “peak” near the end. I’m also unsure if this will be a long-term jump to faux MV, or just for the base period.

Why not do the +1 or +2 versions of the workouts suggested in the LV plan? That might give you the intensity you want without having to do extra workouts.