New to TR - Next Plan phase

Hi there, I’m a new cyclist and I’ve been using TR since April 2018, I completed the LV Base programme and progressed to LV Build earlier in year but done more outdoor riding in summer. I’ve made decent progress completed over 5000 road miles this year, my ftp has risen from 180 W after first FTP test and is now 237W at 63kg (3.73w/kg).

As the winter approaches will do more indoor training, with a FTP goal of 4W/kg and wonder what plan I should go for. Currently motivation is high but wonder if it continues deep into 2 x 6 week plans. So would Low Volume Sustained Power Build be a good choice for me with or revert to a Base plan followed by a Build ready for Spring 2019.

Thanks for any advice

The plans have a progression of workout intensity, so I would not recommend jumping straight into a build plan. I think your instinct of returning back to SSB LV 1 and moving through the plans is the best route in almost all circumstances.

Also, awesome work with the 57 watt FTP gain!

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What are your goals for 2019? Do you have an A race you’re training for or do you just want general fitness? Is there a specific season you want to be fit for, such as road racing, MTB, cyclocross, etc, or just generally fit for summer riding?

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I absolutely agree with @julianoliver here. start back with SSB LV1 go to SSB LV2 and then on to build. In order to have big FTP gains, you have to have a base fitness to work with. The stronger base you have, the more benefit you will get from a Build Phase.

You may also find doing a mid-volume plan to be beneficial if you have time! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply, my goals are generally better fitness, mental wellbeing and having fun. I don’t race but I do enjoy riding with stronger/fitter/younger riders who push me hard. I may try CX next winter so that would be something to work towards over next 10-12 months. But key over winter is to stay motivated and not burn out.

Thanks for your advice. I wasn’t sure if I’d get much benefit from a base plan but with a new FTP perhaps this is so.

I’m cautious about staying motivated but don’t want to burn out so I’ll heed your advice and revert to base but perhaps at mid level volume.

Thanks Ian, very helpful insight and glad I asked for advice as I had the Build programme plugged into my calendar ready to go.

Incidentally I have a indicative VO2 Max of 59 which suggests I have decent fitness for my age.

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I assume your concern around motivation with base training is that you find it boring/one-dimensional.

Firstly, I don’t find this to be case, it’s my favorite phase actually. I like the sustained efforts, the intensity is low enough that I can watch pro cycling or even sometimes a movie. Over-unders get introduced pretty quickly in SSB1 and SSB2 has a nice blend of workouts as VO2Max comes to play. I actually find the workouts quite varied and a nice blend of feeling comfortable and getting pushed. That’s just my experience though.

Second, if you are worried about a lack of motivation from base work, I think it would be much worse to jump into build when your body isn’t ready and just get ground down with fatigue. I personally need the base phase to be ready for the punishment of build.


Great help, this is very useful to know indeed. Cheers.