SSB 1 too short?

Hey all, quick pan builder question.
After my three weeks off I started riding again and built my 2021 season starting a couple of weeks ago. I set my start date earlier this month using plan builder high volume TT and climbing RR for national TT and LOTOJA next year… hopefully :thinking:
My first scheduled event isn’t until the middle of April or so. Despite the time, pan builder has me only doing two weeks of SSB 1 before a rest week this coming week, then starting SSB 2 with my next break luckily falling on the week of Christmas.
I don’t remember SSB 1 being so short last year. Should I go ahead and trust the plan, or might I have input some data incorrectly.
Let me know if you need any more specifics to help clarify. I should also mention nationals and LOTOJA are towards jun-sept 2021. Cheers and happy Thanksgiving to you all :slight_smile:

You probably don’t have enough time for a full BBS cycle. Plan builder shortens the “base” then when you indicate that you’re an experienced athlete - you probably put intermediate or advanced.

You can try out how it looks differently when you select beginner


Plan Builder gave me what a first looked like a real mish-mash of Base and Build. Three weeks of SSB II, then four weeks of SPB. Back to SSB I for four weeks, then into SPB again for a full eight weeks.

I threw caution to the wind and went with it. Have to say I’m about to finish my first round of SPB and so far, so good. I have tweaked a couple of planned SSB I workouts in the upcoming phase but nothing drastic.

As @schmidt said, I told Plan Builder that I had experience.

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@schmidt and @PusherMan
I don’t see why I don’t have time for a ful cycle considering most my races are June and beyond, but I guess I will go ahead and trust the process.
That being said, I did indeed say I am experienced. And I can’t say I would particularly miss more weeks of SSB 1. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t messed something up and was starting my season wrong. Thanks!

Did you mark your April race as an A race? Think if so then as an experienced rider Plan Builder would have prioritised giving you a full Specialty phase and taper for that race over needing more base. If you designate your April race as a B or C race with your first A race being in June then I think it should schedule a full Base-Build-Specialty plan and have you just training through any earlier races.

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I think I did mark it A, but only because hardly any races are actually…scheduled, that I figured why not. I could see how this is impacting my plan now, but I don’t see any reason to change it. Do you see any reason to change? I feel like my aerobic engine has more than a decade of long, hard rides. After my three week rest I came back feeling better than ever and my FTP was less than 10 watts off my previous all-time best. I’m guessing I should roll with what I have?
And as a side note, messing with it might mean changing the week of Christmas to a training week and I don’t want that, lol.

There are other ways to ensure Christmas is an easy week! I’d say since you’re doing longer events which will require quite a bit of sweet spot and threshold training anyway, then it’s fine to leave as is. If you were doing short punchy events with a lot of intensity but not much long and steady stuff then I think it would be more important to make sure you were going into Build/Speciality off the back of a full base phase.

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