SSB to triathlon build and specialty

I’ll be doing Oceanside 70.3 next year and have only done a handful of sprints in the last couple of years. Curious if I’d be better served doing SSB then transitioning to tri build and specific or would I be better served doing tri base as well.

At this point I have time for 12 wks SSB and the full 24 wks of tri plan. Wondering if 12 + 8 wks of SSB would be better?

You don’t say much about your background in tri/whether you’re using TR for swims/runs as well but… I like the tri-plans all around because they take into account the stress of swimming & running in addition to the cycling.

Not sure I understand your question, do you mean 12 wks SSB + Tri base versus 12wk SSB + another 8 wks SSB?

Either way, for such a long period I would recommend to not schedule your plans back to back, but allow for some contingency weeks. Instead of filling those 8wks with a base plan, you might consider having a spare week between SSB and your extra base, another between base and build and between build and specialty. Thats 3 wks which you can either fill with additional work whe the time comes or allocate to injury or illness. That leaves you with 5 weeks to fill, which you could just start later or cycle through another SSB2 minues week 1 for example.

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