TR triathlete plans VS sweet spot base + sustained power build VS uploading training plans from Training Peaks?

Hi everybody,

I’m new here and just posted this in the software section, but realized it’s more training related so am also posting it here.

I am starting to think about my plans for next season and I have a couple of questions that I hope somebody can answer.

I am trying to decide between

a) following a TR triathlete plan, can I modify the run and swim sessions in TR to suit myself?

b) following a TR Sweet spot base + sustained power build and doing my own run and swim training

c) creating my own plans in Training Peaks and following a TR plan for cycling as in option b.

Can I upload plans/sync calendars from Training Peaks to TR? If I want to follow my own run and swim plans, are there any other options I am missing?

Thanks for your ideas and help!

Of course. You can edit them in the calendar, you can choose to do something different, etc. However, you can’t push a button to say “replace the mid-volume half triathlon build plan running workouts with workouts from X.” In the past I have followed a TR triathlon plan, modified to suit my schedule, but in place of the run workouts, run with a local running group.

You can certainly do that, although you need to be mindful that the non-triathlon plans don’t assume that you are also beating your body up with run workouts. So I’d recommend sticking with a lower-volume cycling-specific training plan than you would pick for a triathlon plan.


Also a triathlete, and have considered doing SSB - Sustained Power Build - 40K TT as well. I may follow that this season as I want to focus on my bike strength, and I’m not sure how much racing I will do this year anyway, let alone any ‘A’ racing due to work and expecting a child in February.

If you look at SPB and 40KTT, anything above Low Volume is probably not well-suited for most triathlete’s desired training volume. If you opt to do this, I recommend the Low Volume versions coupled with your runs and swims and not much more than that as far as the bike goes. And then you need to be really in tune with how your running, in particular, is going since your bike training will likely be more taxing than “normal”. The run will also likely detract from your TR performance, so expect that.

I did just this thing (low vol SSB - Sustained Power Build - 40K TT and mixed in my own swim and run workouts) before TR added the triathlon plans. That falls pretty close to the bike portion of the low vol HIM or just slightly above. But as was mentioned you have to be pretty good at managing the stress of the run and the swim if you go that route. Now I just follow the TR Tri plans for the bike even when I do my own thing for the swims and runs.

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