Preferred training plan days

Hi, please guys let me know if there is a possibility to change the preferred days that i have chosen while creating my training plan. I would like to ad some days but tha plan doesn’t have an option for this? Or am I blind? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.
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Are you saying you want to move the day (example, you want all of your Tuesday VO2 workouts to show up on Monday) or that you want to force the plan to add an additional ride on Mondays? The first is doable in Plan Builder, the 2nd is not. You would need to manually add the additional rides to your plan.

Let’s say I’ve chosen Monday as a preferred workout day during the creation of training plan, but I would like to change it to Wednesday.
This setting was in the polan builder under the schedule tab, as shown on the screenshot.

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Yeah, I know you can do it in the beginning, but not sure if you can change it up after the plan has started. Maybe someone else will know or @ZackeryWeimer can help.

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Yip you can do it, I had to do it when my office day changed. I think I scrolled back to the start of the block and clicked on it. IIRC the 3nd (and future) block stayed the old pattern and I had to scroll forward and change it too.


Hey there! If you’d like to change your preferred days, you can – the method @HLaB described is how we can do so.

You’ll have to go to the annotation on your Calendar that marks the start of your current training phase and click on it (in this example, “Base 1”):

Then, a menu will pop up that will allow you to change the days you’d like to train on by default. This will only be applied to your current training phase, so if you’d like the other phases to change as well, you’ll have to find the annotations for those, too, and follow the same steps.

Click and drag the workouts to the days you’d like to train on by default, click “Update,” and you’re done!

Plan Builder cannot currently add additional workouts to each week by default. You can, however, change your plan’s volume by following those same steps, though this may not be ideal if you like the volume you are currently on. You can always use TrainNow if you’d like to add in some extra riding when you have the time!

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:


@ZackeryWeimer - I tried to do this yesterday before I replied, but when I click on the phase name, I don’t get anything that lets me change days. Is that maybe because I’m on the Polarized plan?

I took a look at your TR Calendar and it looks like it’s because it’s an ad hoc plan/individual plan block rather than a Plan Builder plan. I think it would be a good idea to allow athletes to change up the days they’d like to train on for those plans as well, so I’ll pass a suggestion along to our team!

In the meantime, if you do want to change around your default training days for the entire phase, our recommendation would be to note the start date of your current plan, delete it, and then re-add it on the original start date with your new default training days set. Your completed rides will not be deleted and you’ll be put back in at the same point as your current plan.


Excellent! Thank you very much for your answer and time.

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