Can I change the training days in PlanBuilder?

I’ve got a plan running at the moment, built on the assumption I was playing field hockey on Saturdays, so had rides Tues, Fri, Sunday.

That’s changed now so I’d like to train Tues, Thurs, Sat.

I can’t find a way to change the training days apart from manually dragging and dropping each one?

If I click Base 1 in the calendar it shows the following. Do I need to delete the whole plan and start again?


When you set up a plan it will ask you to set up your training default training days. I’ve never changed the plan and it training days but I guess you could :thinking:

When I go into Base on the PC the default training days come up and it let’s me drag them about and update.

It looks like you’ve pushed or pulled the plan by a week which is why you get that message. I can’t remember if you can move the scheduled days for a whole training block in an unmodified plan. I move the days around on a weekly basis as I my work (physical) is weather dependent.