How to change a week plan?

I know couch chad has put a lot of work into his training plans. And i respect what he has done. But i can’t always take off and can’t always ride the days he ask us to do in his training plans. Is there a way to adjust the off days? I would like my training to match the sweetsport medium plan. Or do i just do the rides when i can and can’t?

New to trainer road. I am still learning how to use the features here.


2 options:

  1. When you add a plan to your Calendar it gives you the option to choose which day you’d like to do each workout type. E.g. if you want to do your long ride on a Friday instead of a Saturday you can do that. Good if you have a regular weekly schedule that just doesn’t align with the plan days.
  2. Add the plan in, then go to the Calendar from a browser (don’t think you can do this from the IOS app, maybe you can from the PC app) and just drag the workouts around to where you want them. This is good if your schedule changes quite a bit from one week to the next

You can go more custom still in terms of moving things around to different weeks, adding extra workouts, etc, but sounds like you want to stick to the plan more than that which is probably a good idea if you’re new to it. Though if you think you’ll be skipping workouts from the Medium volume plan on a regular basis I’d suggest going for the Low plan instead, then adding in extra workouts when you can.

If you do start moving things around then try to keep similar spacing between the harder workouts so that you can maintain quality. General rule of thumb is not to do more than 2 hard days back to back.

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Better to do Low Volume and randomly add rides than to do Mid Volume and randomly skip rides.

The order in which you do the workouts in a given week is less important. You can drag/drop in the Calendar as needed, within reason.

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I will have the time to do the mid volume. I just need to adjust my days off by a day or two depending on my work schedule. I hope to stick to the plan just as written but life gets in the way


As @cartsman said, you can just drag and drop the workouts on the TR calendar on a web browser to rearrange them in a way that works with your schedule. I do this every week based on my work schedule, basically. With the computer app, you can do this as well, and it sounds like (from the comments of TR employees) that an update to the mobile app is next in the works, so I’d expect that functionality will be included there eventually as well.

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