Skipped workout right before recovery week

Apologies if this has been answered ad-nauseum… Wondering if anyone has thoughts on this:

I’m on SSB High Volume I and on the calendar this is my rest day at the beginning of the last week (recovery week). My adherence to the plan has been 100% thus far. Due to family obligations I had to skip my Saturday session (it was Wright Peak -1). I moved that workout to Sunday and now I’m a day and 130TSS short for the 5th week of the plan. Sucks but today is a day off work (President’s day). Should I…

  1. Do the second day of the weekend’s two workouts (Galena +3).

  2. Follow the calendar and accept the extra rest day I had…

Thoughts? Hopefully I’m not missing out on much by skipping the day. I think at the end of high vol 1 I might just want to do that.

If it were me, I wouldn’t sweat it too much (especially since you’ve been 100% compliant prior). Enjoy your week ‘off’.