Six day training week

After doing low volume plans for the past couple winters I have come to the realization that I like 1 rest day between workouts. Has anyone done the LV plans as a 6 day week so that there isn’t a extra rest day after the longer ride? My other thought was to do them as a 8 day week and add a sweetspot ride.

If you mean doing a workout every other day then, yes, that is what I have been doing

What I am talking about doing is starting the second week of a LVSSB plan 6 days after the first week. It would end up completing the plan in 5 weeks instead of 6

That should be absolutely fine. It’s the way it is so that people can have a set weekly routine. If you don’t need that then crack on. With MV and HV variants existing it’s clear that the extra weekly TSS you’re doing isn’t a problem, if you personally are ok with it.