SSBMV cutdown or add rides to SSBLV

Hello everybody,

i am somewhere in between low and mid-volume. LV seems a bit too easy to get through but i cant handle the MV yet.
Should i add an extra ride (from the MV plan) to the LV plan on wednesday or skip the sunday-workout from the MV plan?

Thanks in advance.

I’d say in your case it’s better to pick the lower volume plan and maybe add some occasional additional rides, than to have to skip many rides on the higher volume plan.


I’m in a very similar position and chose low volume with adding rides as I can. Even with LVSSB I, and a few extra rides (Sunday outside rides or a 90 minute tempo/SS indoor ride, usually) I saw a pretty good bump in fitness over the 6 weeks. Hope this helps!


The latter would be harder than the former, as the MV Saturday workout is quite a bit harder than the LV one. So you wouldn’t just be adding the ride on Wednesday, you’d be adding intensity on Saturday.

So maybe try the first, then switch to the second if you still feel like you’ve got the spare energy on the weekend.

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I have asked this too, I think the general consensus is do low volume and add additional rides.

It’s better to 100% complete the low volume without extra than 75% the mid volume.


Thanks all for your replies. So i will stick with the adapted LV-plan.

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I’d go with LV and add workouts as required. This is what I’m doing, adding either workouts or outdoor rides at the weekends depending on the weather.

Mentally it’s better to succeed at something and then do a bit extra than it is to have that nagging feeling that you’ve skimped.