Sick for 8 days ssbhv what should i do 13days till training camp

So ive been ill for 8 days while doing ssb-hv and wondering if i should start a new plan after the time off or continue, this is where it gets harder i go on a training camp in spain in 13 days and i want to come into this as strong as possible as there will be strong guys there. Any help or ideas will be appreciated :+1:

I was also recently ill and lost about two weeks of training. I tried to fight it and continued the training although I was wrecked and it just prolonged the recovery. The best option is to arrive into the Camp healthy and fresh. I would personally ease back into it and just complete the sessions you missed at a slightly less intensity.


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You wrote you’ve been ill for 8 day meaning you’ve still sick or better?

I’ve been out sick and on day 13 now! If it’s close to what I have some days you feel ok but, the sickness is always there. Have been hearing this is a three week “bug”. No amount of voodoo or medicine will help. The best defense is rest. So if still sick, chill out.

If you are fully recovered I’d go back to where you left the plan. Maybe reduce ftp a touch but, that depends on how your fitness was going in.

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