Sick and last week of SSBHVII WTD

Im on the last week of Sick and last week of SSBHVII and I have a recovery week then start Sustained Power Build HV. I have gastro, I should have known something was wrong yesterday, I couldn’t turn my pedals for more than 15mins. I’ve been vomiting all day, slept a lot and have just started on sips of water.

Should I just do recovery tomorrow is possible and Sunday and start the week again. Or go into another week of recovery before SPBHV? I have 97 days until my A event.


97 days until your A event?!

I’d do absolutely nothing for two, maybe even three days, then Taku and then a couple of endurance spins. You need to give your body the time to rebuild ONCE it has fought this bug. You’ve got the time, don’t prolong the recovery cycle.


fwiw, I’ve been sick (Sinus/ cold) this week, which is week 6 of SSB1 MV. I’ve decided to repeat the recovery week, after reading the sick house thread.

I’d planned petitt today, and resting heart rate was back only 2bpm above normal, but decided to give myself an extra day. Again, pencilled in the club spin tomorrow but will see how I’m feeling as well as Heart Rate (may just stay indoors), and then do the recovery week next week before SSB2 MV.