How do deal with a vacation in the middle of adaptive planned schedule?

I just started my winter program (not training for an event) and used adaptive to do it. I have a one week vacation starting next week. What should I do about the scheduled workouts over this time? I’d like to drag the entire program forward to leave a gap for vacation or will adaptive set an “adaptation” if I skip a bunch of workouts once I return?

Did you just add that time off in plan builder? it will figure everything around your vacation.

Use annotations! On your calendar, click the little red + sign in the bottom right corner, and add scheduled time off from here. Your plan will adapt around it.


Check this article:


ok, my face is a bit red. Amazing, thanks, had never noticed that “annotation” link. I think it would be great to have a top level button on that first screen that says “add gap, or add vacation”


We’re working on ways now to make this feature more visible. Many athletes don’t realize it exists!


According to the podcast AT will cope with a week, if you went away fo 6months it might be different. Don’t worry just add an annotation if you want too.

Me. Me is “Many Athletes.”

Even as a loyal podcast listener, I missed it. Thanks for that tidbit.

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It’s the “problem” with many feature rich sites/apps: how to provide options without overwhelming the user with them and making the interface feel very cluttered.

At the moment adding a week for holiday/vacation or illness is hidden behind the same dialog used to add workouts, races, etc. Just doesn’t feel very intuitive.