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I have a question with regards to the AI ftp detection. I was on trainer road about 3 years ago, then went to sufferfest( Now systm). Read alot about adaptive training so I joined trainerroad again a few days ago and added a FTP ramp test to my calendar. I chose to do the AI FTP detection. It came back with a number that is 47% of what my FTP was on Systm. Did one workout on my new ftp and it was a nice recovery :). Did a 230km MTB race last weekend, so did not mind as I am still recovering.

When I tried to redo it, it said I must wait 14 days. What do I do from here? Do I do a ramp test , adjust it manually, or just bump the intensity on each workout for the next 14 days until I can do another FTP detection?
Could I have missed something in the setup? I use a CycleOps H1 trainer, so all my indoor rides have hrr and power associated to them.

I am keen to try this feature, so don’t want to adjust manually if I don’t have to.

Thanks in advance

You used to be able to go into your career history and delete the likes of the 47% FTP and use AIFTP again. You could try doing that, then re running AI FTP. I suspect it won’t be much different though. If that doesnt work or it still isn’t right contacting support might be best

If it was me, I’d do a ramp test. Ramp tests are good for the soul.

Failing that, calculate 95% of what you think your current FTP is and manually input it. Adaptive Training and a bit of your own judgement will do the rest.

No point wasting 14 days messing about. Get a realistic FTP in now, then schedule a ramp test for 4 weeks time or so and use AI FTP Detection then.


You tried to use AI FTP detection without any workout history, or any past FTP test (or maximal threshold effort) in the history?

That’s not going to work. It may be AI, it can’t pull numbers out of thin air!

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Depends how long ago you determined you FTP on system. if that was recent I would just manually adjust to that number. If it’s a bit longer ago I would just do the ramp test and get a solid baseline for you TrainerRoad workouts.

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Hi. There are 6 years of history with power data. That is what machine learning is all about.

Sure, but last I read, TR was requiring 10-12 actual TrainerRoad inside workouts in order for AIFTPD to offer the best initial results. That may not be the case now, but it might explain the difference if it is still required.

I’d suggest contacting to see if this is still the case, and they can also review your data to see if there is something else related to your experience.


Looks like the parameters are even more accommodating:

AI detection

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Thanks for all the input everyone. I will schedule a ftp test and take it from there


Hey welcome to the forum! Before we get into some feedback and advice here;

This is so sick. Huge effort, really cool how consistently it looks like you were able to monitor your effort, too. Amazing work, congrats!!!

AI FTP Detection is designed to work accurately even if you’re mostly doing non-TR rides outside or on other platforms, but you did get a weird result that doesn’t reflect your abilities, and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention!
Our engineers are investigating that occurrence to help us continually improve AI FTP Detection while it’s in early access. We’re really sorry for that unexpected result!

@Helvellyn, @PhydomiR, and others here are giving you the right advice, you should train for a couple weeks at the FTP your think is correct (or take a ramp test if you really want to) and Adaptive Training will fine-tune things as they go very effectively.
You should for sure try AI FTP Detection again as soon as it becomes available again. Our engineers confirmed it should work as intended for you next time you’re able to use the feature, and I think you’ll get a result that much better aligns with what we know about your fitness. :sunglasses:

Let us know if you have any further questions as you get started with TrainerRoad again, we’re here to help and I’m available via DM if needed!


Thanks for the reply @IvyAudrain . I will adjust my FTP manually for now and try again in a month or so.

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