AI FTP detection prompt before races

Hi TR team and fellow users. I have a sort of UX experience improvement in mind, which I thought I would share.

Here’s the thing: when you are in a specialty phase, TR does not suggest any FTP changes, whether through a ramp test or AI. That’s clearly stated as intentional, and for a good reason. I like that.

My situation: I have two races coming up (one is in 5 days, another one 2 weeks after). Both my races are in my TR calendar. But for this short period of time (which started at the beginning of September) I decided not to be on a training plan (I can explain why, but I don’t think it’s relevant here). Instead I’m just scheduling my workouts manually. So, it’s sort of a custom specialty plan that I’m building for myself. However, even though TR “knows” that I have races coming up, it keeps suggesting AI FTP detection, and I keep saying “remind me in 2 weeks”, because that’s the longest I can postpone if for.

Where I’m going to with all that, is that it would be nice if TR could perhaps automatically suppress the AI FTP detection prompt when there are races in the calendar sooner than X (I would say 4 weeks). Or something like that. I know that I should ignore FTP updates, because I’ve been on a specialty plan in August. But as far as I can tell from reading this forum, many users are sticking to “train now” or self-coaching, and for those folks it might be crucial, because they have no idea that that is the way.

I hope I explained myself well. It’s been a rough day :slight_smile: