Should I finish my Plan or Test/AI Detect my FTP?

So as the title suggest, I’m in week 5 of my SSB1-LV from Couch Fitness. Low starting point for FTP so I know I’ll progress rapidly. Been here before, so I know it’s all about consistency.

I have my next Ramp Up test in 3 weeks and I did click the “AI Detect” just to see what happened and it suggested a higher FTP (about 10% increase). Another piece of info: I completed Truchas + 3 at 103% intensity this morning so I feel confident that the increase should be there without issue.

Should I wait it out and complete the workouts (4) and the recovery week before adjusting the FTP, should I do an “AI Detect” now and do the Ramp up in 3 weeks?

I’m not in a rush to get somewhere as my B Race is not until March '23.


Hi, J!
You can go ahead and ‘Accept’ that upcoming AI FTP Detection result now, you’ll just be recommended a different workout on the day of your Ramp Test as you would if you waited until then to accept it.

The intelligent thing about Adaptive Training is: it’s already considering that fitness increase in real-time.
Even while that FTP increase is a higher number, isn’t going to result in a big jump in workout difficulty, because you’re already being served workouts for that degree of fitness.

We can see this in your Progression Levels and increasing workout difficulties. Updating your FTP will just recalibrate your PL’s for that higher FTP number, but the difficulty will be similar relative to your fitness.

TLDR: choose either approaches, AT has you covered. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Ivy!

I just accepted that FTP increase and everything adapted accordingly! Seemed like the right thing to do.

Love having AT on!