AI FTP - accept new FTP before I’m “supposed to”?

This is likely a question for @IvyAudrain or @SarahLaverty.

I’m a newbie to TR - only into week 3. I was checking out the calendar and saw there is a ramp test at the start of Base 2 in 3 weeks time. There was also a shiny “AI detection” button and well… moth to a flame… I pressed it.

It gave me a new FTP and asked me to accept or not. (94 > 101). I haven’t accepted it yet but I have been getting adaptations after almost every ride.

My question: should I accept the new FTP, even though technically I shouldn’t have run the AI, or trust my adaptations are doing the work needed?

Additional info is that I’m into week 12 of having a newborn, so running on 5-6 hours of broken sleep a night and all the stress / mental load etc that goes with the newborn phase. I’m happy not to push things if it’s too soon but also want to progress if I’m doing well and get the most of our each session I gratefully am able to do.



I pushed it once and didn’t accept the results and kept training. Then I did it another time (whatever) and accepted the results and kept training. In the end I think there is no wrong choice because adaptive training will compensate.

After you have been using TR for a while you will know what your zones “feel like” and will intuitively know when it’s time to retest or schedule a ramp test and use AIFTP.

Good to know. I guess I can always reduce intensity if it feels like too much too soon

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That’s a pretty big jump in ftp in terms of percentage. I’ve heard @Nate_Pearson say on the podcast that he’s recommend newer athletes getting “newb” gains (large jumps in FTP) to update their ftp, especially in base training, but more experienced athletes with only a percent or two change in FTP should focus on pushing PLs up. Also, athletes in 40k TT specialty plans should focus on time in zone by pushing PLs rather than FTP

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I’d just go with the defaults if this is your first rodeo. The bump isn’t too large, you should be able to accommodate it with workout levels regardless. By the way, the bump may seem small to you, but I wish I could see a 5 % bump on an FTP test after a few weeks of training. :grin:

Keep at it!

I wouldn’t call myself a newbie athlete but the ramp Test was only the second time on my smart trainer (had rollers and outdoor riding before that). Ive been marking some work it’s easy as I do think I shortchanged myself a few points during the test through lack of trainer experience.

Ugh, those days aren’t that far behind. Basically, I tried to do a lot of Z2 when I had the time, since it was also a good chance to clear the head out, relax a bit, and try to get the blood flowing. Some VO2 Max can be therapeutic, too. I’d say do what you want, but just make sure you’re getting enough rest and recovery, for both your physical and mental state.

I also had a bassinet set up in the room where I have my trainer, and the white noise from the fans was helpful for getting the kid to nap and stay asleep, so you may be able to solve two problems at once.

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Welcome to TrainerRoad @EbonyC!

Stoked to have you here! Congrats on the newborn too!

I understand the temptation to hit that shiny new AI FTP detection button- isn’t it so pretty!!? :wink:

I wouldn’t stress too much over this. The short answer is, whether you accept the new FTP early or not, Adaptive Training will ensure that you steadily progress. Usually, we recommend using FTP detection every 4- 6 weeks because, at this point, you can expect to see meaningful changes to your FTP.

However, as other athletes have mentioned here, you are making some quick progress, as we might expect when you first start with TrainerRoad. In this case, I would suggest accepting the new FTP simply because the increase is pretty significant.

Your Progression Levels will adjust so that your Workouts don’t dramatically increase in difficulty following the increase in FTP. Your Post-Workout surveys will be important too. Post-Workout surveys give us useful subjective information about your ability to recover and levels of fatigue, which we use to inform adaptations.

With a newborn and little sleep, it will be important that we know when your training is impacted by lack of sleep. This will ensure that your training progresses at an appropriate pace, given the unique context of your life. There are a couple of resources I’d suggest that you check out:


@SarahLaverty, thank you so much for such a detailed response. The care you guys at TR have for your customer base is truly the best I’ve ever come across. I’m shocked and grateful.

Those links are great, particularly the descriptions of the ratings. I hadn’t seen that before so I’ve screenshot it to refer while I still get to know those levels.

I’ve accepted the new FTP and the resulting 18 adaptations :slight_smile: I’m excited to be pushed a bit more and to know I can always reduce my intensity should I need it. I’m also reading a lot in the forums about fueling (the beauty of being up half the night :wink: ) and am fueling on the bike which I have no doubt is helping minimize sleep deprivation and stress impacts when on the bike.

As an additional mention (while I have you), the flexibility of the alternative workouts is so great. Last week I wasn’t able to commit to 1.5 hours as baby was having shorter naps that day than expected. I was able to do a 45 min workout instead but still felt like I had a good workout and did something that contributed to my overall conditioning and progression. So yeah, just thanks! Newborn baby life is hard but you guys have made getting back on the bike and feeling like I have something I’m doing well at! You guys rock.



Thank you! It goes both ways; we feel incredibly grateful to have such an amazing community of athletes!I am so glad that you found those resources helpful. The TrainerRoad blog and Help Centre are brimming with helpful resources, so I encourage you to take a look during the sleepless nights to come! :crazy_face:

I’m excited to be pushed a bit more and to know I can always reduce my intensity should I need it.

Yes, exactly! As I mentioned, the Post-Workout Surveys will help to ensure that you are scheduled appropriate Workouts, given your circumstances. Yes, fuelling on the bike is key!!!

Last week I wasn’t able to commit to 1.5 hours as baby was having shorter naps that day than expected.

Agreed, the Workout Alternates feature is a game changer. Actually, now that you mention it, you may also find TrainNow useful too. Check out this article to learn more: TrainNow Overview. I am sure juggling all of the different pieces is tough. I think you are in the right place to fit your training in among that full life of yours!Please let us know if you ever have any other questions!