Should i skip specialization and start a new build phase?

I am just now starting my 2nd block of Short Power Build (99% of my racing is crits), and I’m wondering if i would get much out of the specialization that comes after given I don’t really have any racing planned (like pretty much everyone). The one thing left on my calendar I really care about is the Salt to Saint relay race with some friends, where I want to perform well, and TT style efforts are not my strongest. After this block of Short Power Build, should I just skip specialization and just jump into Sustained Power Build?

There is 12 weeks between the end of my current build phase and the week of my relay event, so I could do all 8 weeks of Sustained Power build plus 1/2 of the Century specialization (i think that’d be most appropriate).

I would rather be a stronger crit racer next season if specialization makes that much a different this far out (but i’m guessing it doesn’t), but i would really like to perform well on this relay. What would you recommend?

edit: more context, even without the relay I was considering doing sustained power next anyway, since that’s my biggest weakness and I was going to work on that over what would have been the off-season, and resume short power after another base phase for next years season

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The general consensus here is that back to back build is both extremely hard mentally and physically and generally not recommended. Even coach chad recommends going back to base and then back to build and not back to back build phases.

A lot of people have had good success using the base build block over and over again. I would save the specialization phase when actual racing is back on.

Hope it helps.