Speciality or back to base/build

TLDR Should I skip speciality phase if I don’t have any events I’m working towards.

First time using TR. Started in Oct. Some previous light interval training on Zwift last year (FTP builder, group rides and races) got my FTP up to 203 in May of last year. I took this new found fitness outside and joined a local cycling club for a few group rides, but a couple of weeks in crashed and damaged ligaments in my shoulder and also fractured my wrist. These kept me off the bike for a couple of months.
Since joining TR I’ve been following LV rolling road race plan and my FTP has increased from 177 to 188 last ramp test ( AI FTP currently 195) ramp test scheduled for Tuesday at start of speciality phase.
I don’t have any events planned, would I be better to skip speciality and go back to base or more build. If so, what’s the best way to add this?

I don’t have much of an endurance background. I’ve been ok with most workouts prescribed so far, although had to drop intensity to complete La Dama Blanca two weeks back as wasn’t feeling it, completed it the following week with no issue.

My current progression levels are below.

Honestly, if you are new to the sport and training and you don’t have any focus events on the horizon then I don’t think it matters. Just do whichever you think looks the most fun. As a beginner the thing that will make you the most fit in the long run will be keeping the motivation high and riding more and more.

So if spiky anaerobic workouts (like are more common in most specialty phases) look interesting and will keep you getting on the bike then do that.

On the other hand, if you want to push you SS or Threshold efforts out longer and longer then err toward the base phase.


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Thanks Ivy. I’ll take a look at those threads. My search skills obviously deserted me today.

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No worries! Lots to sort through and ultimately, the decision is super unique to each athlete. Let us know if we can help!