Finished Short Power build, but important races are in june/july

I´ve done ssb mid 1 and 2, followed by short power build 1. I have raised my ftp nicely to 329 (76 kg) before the latter parts of the build.

Now…what do I do? Since my races are months away, should I…

  1. Start a speciality plan? And then I´ll see after that?
  2. Do a four or six week block of ss base followed by a short version (4 weeks) of the short power build and THEN I´d do the speciality plan?

Goals? Podium in national xco cup events in my age group (Men 40-49) and a good result at nationals.


You should’ve followed my plan on Happy. :wink: Just kidding. I’ll be following this thread. I’m a bit behind you even though I’m also planning on completing the XCO Speciality-plan for 28:th of July.

Hey there!

It sounds like in your case that back-to-back Build Phases would be the most appropriate approach for your time constraints. This is a recommended approach, however, it is important to carefully consider how you are feeling and closely monitor your levels of fatigue/recovery.

If you were able to complete all of your Build workouts the first time through, and are feeling pretty fresh, you can choose to simply repeat the Build Phase with the typical 8 week format.

If you are feeling a bit fatigued, then making the adjustment to a 2:1 work/recovery ratio could be a good way to continue with the Build Plan, but also give your self sufficient time to recover. The typical training plans have you working for 3 weeks before you get a recovery week. For this adjustment, you will do two weeks per recovery week. Overall, your progression will look like this

Build Week 1
Build Week 2
Build Week 4 (Recovery)
Build Week 3
Build Week 5
Build Week 4 (Recovery)
Build Week 6
Build Week 7
Build Week 8 (Recovery)

You can choose to do any portion of the above plan also. If you only want to wait 6 weeks before starting Specialty, just do 6 weeks of the above plan :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!