How do I know when to reassess my FTP and how to fit the test into my plan?

I’m after a 6 months break from endurance sports - my last ramp test was in December - my FTP was 235 and it was already after two months off the bike. Previously I rode a lot outside - 300-500km per week mostly “zone 2”, occasional stava segment attack.

Anyways - I didn’t do any TR workouts after the test in december. I rode my bike a couple of times outside - maybe 700km total since January.

Two weeks ago I did another ramp test - my FTP went down to 212 - fair enough for being lazy all winter. During the next week I did three sweetspot workouts - two 90 min, one 120min (and a baxter). Second week was borrowed from sweet spot mid volume plan I. I thought the workouts were pretty hard, especially the over-unders.

Today I did the first workout from third week of sweet spot base mid volume I, and the intervals felt pretty easy to do. My heartrate was significantly lower than the weeks before (142 avg vs 152 during the interval at higher end of SS zone).

Is this a sign I should do another ramp test before doing any more work? If so - should I put the test in place of my next workout?

PS: I use virtual power but I keep my setup consistent

Sorry for my English.

Quick, basic info. I will try to get more soon.

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Pick a TR plan and stick with it. I recommend SSB 1 & 2. These will have pre-planned FTP tests and takes the guesswork out of what workouts to do and when to test your FTP. If you just randomly pick TR workouts and aren’t consistent week to week, you will get frustrating low improvements in your fitness. The TR calendar makes this process very easy.


So I did the next workout and I had to set it at 119% for it to feel right. I just adjusted my ftp to 250.