Should I race during a rest week

I am currently on SusPB and I have a race coming up on a wednesday of the rest week in the middle of the build phase. The race isnt an “A” race but is one of my more important “B” races. I’m weary of doing any intensity and potentially ruining the rest week.

Is there a way that anyone would shiffle around their days to make this work or should I just do the race and have some extra easy sessions to account for a race during rest week?

I’ve TT’d s quite a few times on a rest week, to me the social interaction out weighs any marginal gain. The phycological gains for me in handling etc are also a factor. Perhaps if I was a professional I might put more weight on those marginal gains. As to shuffling things around I’ve probably done that or even skipped an endurance session or lowered the intensity as my body dictates.


Most of us don’t need a full rest week, IMO….for me, but the time I get to the following weekend, I am ready to go and will add back in a fair amount of volume on Sat / Sun.

Doing a race mid-week is not going to “ruin” a rest / recovery week….rest / recover on Mon / Tues, race Wednesday, rest Thursday / Friday and maybe the weekend.

If this is an important B race, then you should do it and just modify the remainder of the rest week as needed. Listen to your body.


You’re overthinking it. No plan is perfect, nor should it be written in stone. One workout or race or day off will NOT ruin it. (Just don’t consistently change things, otherwise why have a plan at all?)

Have fun, enjoy the race, take a couple recovery days, get back to work!