Should the recovery week be week before race week or the week of the race?

My main event for the spring is a sportive at the end of April. I’ll be following the Sustained power build pla. I’ve done ssb1 and am currently doing ssb2 but don’t have the time for any speciality.

Should week 8 (the recovery week) be done in the week of the race (race is on the saturday), or should week 8 be done the week prior to race week? There’s no mention that I can see in any of the notes for this.


This will be individual specific, but generally most wouldn’t want their recover week to end in a race, expecially if it’s an A event. You’re likely to feel flat and not possibly fully recovered. I’d say recover the week before race week and then add a taper/priming week before the race. Possibly look at a taper week (week 8) to a Specialty plan that fits your race needs.

Another consideration, being that this is your “main” A event, is to have a two week taper into your race. Possibly even substituting the last 4 weeks of a Specialty for the second half of your Build. Or just using the 2 week Taper at the end of Specialty. Since you’re short on time and how much recovery/taper you need will depend on you, there’s some room for adjustment based on your experience and how you’re feeling.


If you want an example of a taper leading into an A-race, look at the final week or two of the Specialty phase plans. Those all included a taper with an open Sunday as the expected race day.

The true recovery weeks at the end of any other phases are just that, all recovery. So they are likely not the best lead in to a race.


Many thanks

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