Racing During Build Phase

Hello All

I thought this question might be answered elsewhere but i perhaps my search skills are letting me down.

I am doing a low volume build phase, usual workouts are 1-1.5 hour sessions, tuesdays, thursdays and Saturdays. I’m now doing road races every week-2 weeks. Should i just drop my saturday workout for the race? Move things around so i get 3 structured workouts in during the week and race on saturdays? One seems a little optimistic that racing is actually training and the other looks likely to create a little too much TSS in my crazy life.

Any guidance/experience would be greatly appreciated.


I would drop the Saturday training for the race. Too much intensity will hurt more than getting all the structure will help.

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agree with MG below…4 sessions is a crazy load…honestly if you are asking this question (not being snarky, just trying to make some inferences here), 3 might be too much!

what are your normal sessions during build. i’d look for 1 solid sessions (hard), the race, and then something medium…but endurance might even be better if you’ve been training for 1-2 years

good luck!