Seeking Training Advice - peaked early? Take a rest? Crit season coming up with races nearly every weekend

Hi everyone. Looking for some opinions and advice to help me guide my training.

I maintain a high volume training plan for the past few years. I can handle a lot of TSS (800-900 during base, 700-800 during build) since I optimize quite a bit and prioritize recovery. Recently I’ve had some real breakthrough performances that I have been incredibly happy with, super happy with my current fitness.

Due to uncertainty around racing returning, I decided to go through with a full Base+Build+Specialty cycle without having any idea when racing would come back. That means I am now 4 weeks away from completing Specialty, right before the first race of the season. DUMBASS.

Now I am looking ahead at my race calendar seems I am guaranteed to burn out. I hope to race a crit nearly every weekend from April 11th through August 1st.

Given how much I currently train, I feel like I need to maintain a certain volume if I don’t want my fitness to fall off a cliff, but I understand I may need to be OK with some losses to avoid burnout.

  1. Do I finish out my Specialty phase then go back to a build phase during the race season? Maybe move down to a mid-volume plan?

  2. Do I stop right now and take a week long “off season” to freshen up, then start back in with few weeks of Base, then Build+Specialty again?

  3. Should I try to maintain a high level of fitness by repeating Specialty weeks for the first 6-8 weeks of the season and then take a break?

I am so confused.

I like opinion 2. Use the week to really check over all your gear and body. Address every niggle and prep your race bag, tools, cleaning kit etc.
You’ll feel really energised and excited by the end of the week then can settle back into build.

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Personally I’d suggest you prioritise some A races - trying to smash it in every race seems guaranteed only to end in disappointment. Once you identify a true A race or 2 you can build around those as a target. That will probably also answer your question of how to go from now to then.

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