Short and Easy rides

Doing stomps a week ago during Clark, I tweaked a bum knee/shin issue I’ve had since running in combat boots as a younger man.

I tried to ride through it the next day but abandoned and then abandoned my next trainer ride. I took off completely Weds-Friday and have done West Vidette the last two days. I’m only feeling slight pain on these lower zones so hoping I can ride through it and just maintain a little base fitness while I heal.

On top of it all, I realized Friday that I have developed a cold for Christmas.

Can anyone recommend any other short 45-60 minute rides with lots of variation like West Vidette so I don’t get bored while I rest and heal?

Baxter -2 Possibly with the intensity turned down 5-10% depending on your needs

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Thanks! Anyone else have short recovery rides?

Birch maybe? Colosseum-2 or Colosseum-3?

Try using combinations of the various filters available in the Workouts search page.

…and then visually scan the shapes of the workouts to see what might appeal. I did something similar over a few week period when recovering from some surgery and I had to keep the workload right down. Did easier but more level Workouts also, and used the Search facility to identify a bunch of them.

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Oh wow! I had never noticed that little filter up there in the corner. Thanks so much! Teach a man to fish!


Just a thought, but all the noted workouts are Endurance zone rides, not Recovery.

Recovery is <50% and eeeeaaasssyyyy.
And even then, as Coach Chad says, recovery happens OFF the bike, not on the bike.