Just did Baxter-2, wow I’m knackered

So I just did Baxter -2, not because I was being a wimp but because I was short on time. Holy frijoles it wupped me good!

Granted I ride to work Monday and Tuesday and had a strength session yesterday, but I had no idea a 1 hour endurance routine would be difficult.

I wasn’t gasping for air but I was sweating a ton and this seemed much more difficult than it should have been. Is this normal?

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Not really. I barely sweat when I do Baxter. I was doing them almost back to back a few weeks back while recovering from the flu.

Thanks for the reply. Man I must’ve overdone it this week.

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Probably fatigue from commuting and other stuff. Maybe can look at how you do your cooling during training. I live in Asia so I ride at more than 28 degrees and cooling is vital here.


At a 0.63 Intensity Factor for an hour workout, it should be quite easy and comfortable.

Sounds like you are a bit overworked.


Is your ftp set to high?

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I don’t think so. I actually did Goddard and found it relatively easy, I think part of the issue yesterday was that my fan wasn’t pointed directly at me and it was pretty warm in the room.


Yep, some days are harder than others.


Baxter -2 should not be this hard. Maybe you are getting sick?

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I actually find baxter harder than other zone 2 sessions with a similar IF. For me I think it has something to do with never really settling in to a rhythm, only a couple minutes before changing pace again.

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I agree.

Because the first 30 min is probably a 0.55 IF and the last 30 min around a 0.75 IF. It’s not a constant 0.65 like other easy rides.
That’s what I like about it actually on days my legs are heavy. It’s like a long warm up that gives your legs to open up a bit.